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The Innovation Cluster „Thermie“ is an international innovation network for renewable energies. The 30 network members, research institutions and enterprises from Germany, Europe, Africa and Russia want to improvethe potential of renewable energies by creating innovative ideas for the complete value chain: planning of energy systems, geothermal drilling, production of probes, solar collectors, heat pumps, automation and control devices, development of energy management and marketing services.

By participating in innovative networks, small and medium sized companies (SMEs) can profit from megatrends through coordinated research and development. The cooperation of those companies can range from research and development of new products and solutions to their comercialization. The EurA Consult AG group is managing on behalf of the German ministry for economics and technology (BMWi) 11 ZIM NEMO innovation networks and brings you in contact with over 500 large, medium and small companies, research institutions and qualified research and technical staff.

So far R&D projects with a volume of 3,6 Million Euros have been started and co-funded by the BMWi and EU with 1,6 Million subsidies. Additional 3,2 Million Euros for further projects have been applied for.

In East Africa "Thermie" partner Petroleum Focus has developed with the Meru based Trudep microfinance a financing scheme for over 800 Biogas installations in Tanzania and Kenya. The research and development of the SIMGAS Biogas solutions have been co-financed by the EU FP7 program.

The network partner are working on common sales- and marketing operation to promote efficient energy solutions and offer consulting for the complete value chain. They are looking for innovative companies from the BPO and technology marketing sector to devleop joint projects, such as remote energy consulting for house owners and building societies.

Network Management

Eura Innovation GmbH
Böhmstraße 2
D – 98544 Zella Mehlis
Tel: +49 3682 – 40062-12
Email: info at

"Thermie" in East Africa

Petroleum Focus Ltd
V. Lensch, Phone: +254 721379322
Email: vlensch at

The "Thermie" network is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Econoomics and Technology based on a decision by the German Bundestag

  • Multifunctional PVT solar modules

    "Thermie" network partners TÜV Rheinland Umwelt und Energie GmbH, Solarzentrum Allgäu GmbH, University of Applied Science Düsseldorf and Fraunhofer ISE are working on a norm for multifunctional PVT Solar modules. The group has received public funding of approx. 0,65 Mio €
  • Microfinance of Biogas solutios for Africas Tea Regions

    Biogas ist the optimal renevable energy solutions for East Africa. The EU has co-funded a project to micofinance small biogas installations for East African farming and tea regions. Project partner are Simgas N.V., Petroleum Focus Ltd, Syngenta Foundation, TRUDEP Microfinance and the University of Nairobi.. Over 800 small biogas installatiions have been planned and installed by the Embu Biogas Office.
  • The Buildings Energy in Your Smart Phone

    „Vicione“ is a new visualized building next generation home automation from our network partner ACX GmbH fr om Zwickau with open interfaces to all energy systems. ACX is development partner of Bosch and provides also software for motorsport. modules Based on the ACX solution, a consortium with E-Zeit Ingenieurs and Parabel Energy Systems has developed a dynamic energy manger. co-funded by the German ministry of economics and technology with over 1 Million Euros.